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Beatrice Kleeger

Duke '25

My name is Beatrice Kleeger— I am from New York City and a current Freshman at Duke University. Exploring our role as humans as we relate to nature, I try to reconcile the seemingly incompatible areas of art, science, and religion. We often forget that we share patterns with the world around us, considering ourselves distinct. The pattern of veins running through leaves and branches sprouting from trees mirrors our own veins and nerves. At my religious high school, the nude figure was viewed as controversial. I chose to explore the notion of my body as a vessel, reconciling my struggle to exist within it. How would I portray myself in my most natural state of being with restrictions on studying the nude? Can nudity exist separate from sexuality? I surveyed the history of art for solutions. Moving from a fixation on perfection, I understand body image to be a looming puppeteer. Women are expected to be small physically and intellectually––missing out when they can’t think or see clearly. I want to delve into my own struggle feeling lost in space and time due to confusion––something I didn’t initially realize. I changed my scale; I wouldn’t feel small anymore. My strokes flow––I am not precious. The paint drips, unbridled. I use vivid color, painting with bold, organic gestures on a larger-than-life scale; immersing myself in the liberation.

Beatrice Kleeger


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