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The first sustainable, creative community that will inspire and support you. 

  • Art social events 2X per month

  • Learn how to create sustainably by only using recycled materials

  • NYC, Miami, Duke, and Shanghai growing quickly!

Sell more of your art at a higher price. We market your art, find you commissions, and teach you to price your art.  

  • Live Events: Art Bidding Parties, Fashion Shows, etc.

  • Instagram, TikTok, Email Marketing, and our website

  • Commissions range from $15 to $1K+ 

*Earthy gets a percent commission of all art sales, but we sell more of your art at a higher price.


How to become an EarthY


Artist Application '23

Apply to be an artist at one of our 4 chapters! 

Duke: Closed

Miami & NYC: Closed

Shanghai: Closes March 1


Exec Application '23

Get real startup experience by applying to an exec position.

Duke: Closed

Miami & NYC: Closed

Shanghai: Closed


Pay Dues

Pay a small semester-fee to be a member, so we can fund food, drinks, and art supplies for you!

Our Chapters

Duke. NYC. Miami. Shanghai.

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