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Earthy creates on-campus communities, like a fraternity, but focused on art. We empower talented student artists who lack an audience and/or a creative community and provide them with resources as well as a way to sell their art. We feature their upcycled art and their profiles online. Each campus community also markets the students' art by running a school-specific social media account and hosting ticketed parties to exhibit and sell the students' arts. 


*Upcycled art: Art that either significantly incorporates or is fully made from thrifted/used materials.



I started Earthy because I wanted to form the creative community that I didn't have when I came to college. It's hard to stay creating in college when you don't have an artistic community to motivate you and pre-professional + other social activities always come first. For this reason, I combined the creative, pre-professional, and social, so students don't have to choose between one or the other.

In addition to being a community and business, it's also a movement that changes the way artists think about making art and consumers think about buying art. We're committed to making the art world more sustainable one artist/collector at a time!



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